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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Blue Ring

I was looking at some wedding settings and came across this blog post which I decided was too nice not to share. Copied from: http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/blog/2009/10/20/ode-to-the-blue-ring/

This is not written by me. It is copied from the link above.  I love blue for a wedding theme and this post talks about a blue engagement ring which I am also in favor off :o) I also love the blue and cream board at the end. Love, love, love!

Mr. had a hard time with the fact that I did NOT want a diamond. He thought I was only trying to be nice and “settling” for an aquamarine since a diamond was too expensive. Not at all. I completely trusted his judgment on what he wanted to spend. Even if I could have any ring in the world, regardless of price, I would *still* choose an aqua. Aside from the fact that I love the color, I love having something a little bit different, and it means a lot to me that my aunt has an aqua engagement ring as well. Finally I was able to convince him and I’m so happy with the final product!

{ photo by me }
It’s certainly not traditional, but it seems like it’s not as unusual as I had originally thought. Ever since we got engaged, I have noticed blue engagement rings all over the place!
Liz Taylor and Princess Diana had one? According to Issue 10 of Wedding Style Guide

{ photos by Janine Kaye Photography via Polka Dot Bride}
I love the color of fellow EAD poster, Rachel’s, ring:

{ Image via Duttson Rocks website }
How GORGEOUS is this ring???

{ photo by Punam Bean Photography }
Love this Tiffany Blue-inspired board:

{ board by Snippet & Ink, Top row from left: blue and white Christmas tree from Cottage Living; Tiffany jingle bell, Oscar de la Renta dress and centerpiece (with table number by May-Bell) all from Martha Stewart Weddings. Row 2: ranunculus styled by Lucyina Moodie via Decorology, cupcakes from Cannelle et Vanille, ring pillow from Martha Stewart Weddings, numbered table runner. Row 3: photo from Country Living viaDesign Editor, monogram neckties from Martha Stewart, bouquet by Mindy Rice from InStyle, aquamarine ring from Twist. Row 4: knit shell from J.Crew, ornaments via Lily G, invitation via Once Wed, cheese buffet fromMartha Stewart Weddings }
Anyone else out there have/had their heart set on a colored stone engagement ring? What are the reactions that you get from it?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Think Pink!

Where are the Pinks? Bring them on! We are so addicted to Pink these days. Having transitioned from a sudden fever for blue, Pink seems to be THE color of the season. The flavour of the month which may just keep on pink-in'!

We are seeing everything Pink...but most definitely Pink bags! And the Pink we mean is a nice deep Pink Sorbet or Fuschia :D

And don't we LOVE Mr Pink himself with his smooth grooves and ultra sleek voice haha!
Oh we have a feeling this is Pink fixation is going to last. Check out this beautiful table layout from Martha Stewart weddings:
And last but definitely not least, would you go so far as to turn your dog Pink? We hope not!! LOL

Friday, October 9, 2009


I apologise for my long overdue Krabi pictures. Getting them from his camera took forever and uploading them here took some time too. Anyway, no more excuses, here are the pictures:-

Sala Talay Resort & Spa - a relatively new resort. Lovely view of the ocean.

The best part is the pool access room!

This restorant has the best Cabonara! I had it at least 3 times if not more!!!

My little moped. Well, for show only. I can't really ride a bike!

In and around Krabi

Made a friend =)

His bike

Night Shots

Yes they have one McDonalds

They also have a Thai version of the "Mamak Stall", only here it's a stall run by Thai people.

In Krabi town we stumbled upon an awesome artifact/vintage shop. It was awesome!

See how thrilled I was to find old books? :D

Oooh dresses!

The greatest find of all was this cutie-pie!

Krabi Night Market

One of the days we went on a cruise to the Islands. Can't upload all the pics, there are just too many, so here is the one and only magnificient Maya Bay.