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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Blue Ring

I was looking at some wedding settings and came across this blog post which I decided was too nice not to share. Copied from: http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/blog/2009/10/20/ode-to-the-blue-ring/

This is not written by me. It is copied from the link above.  I love blue for a wedding theme and this post talks about a blue engagement ring which I am also in favor off :o) I also love the blue and cream board at the end. Love, love, love!

Mr. had a hard time with the fact that I did NOT want a diamond. He thought I was only trying to be nice and “settling” for an aquamarine since a diamond was too expensive. Not at all. I completely trusted his judgment on what he wanted to spend. Even if I could have any ring in the world, regardless of price, I would *still* choose an aqua. Aside from the fact that I love the color, I love having something a little bit different, and it means a lot to me that my aunt has an aqua engagement ring as well. Finally I was able to convince him and I’m so happy with the final product!

{ photo by me }
It’s certainly not traditional, but it seems like it’s not as unusual as I had originally thought. Ever since we got engaged, I have noticed blue engagement rings all over the place!
Liz Taylor and Princess Diana had one? According to Issue 10 of Wedding Style Guide

{ photos by Janine Kaye Photography via Polka Dot Bride}
I love the color of fellow EAD poster, Rachel’s, ring:

{ Image via Duttson Rocks website }
How GORGEOUS is this ring???

{ photo by Punam Bean Photography }
Love this Tiffany Blue-inspired board:

{ board by Snippet & Ink, Top row from left: blue and white Christmas tree from Cottage Living; Tiffany jingle bell, Oscar de la Renta dress and centerpiece (with table number by May-Bell) all from Martha Stewart Weddings. Row 2: ranunculus styled by Lucyina Moodie via Decorology, cupcakes from Cannelle et Vanille, ring pillow from Martha Stewart Weddings, numbered table runner. Row 3: photo from Country Living viaDesign Editor, monogram neckties from Martha Stewart, bouquet by Mindy Rice from InStyle, aquamarine ring from Twist. Row 4: knit shell from J.Crew, ornaments via Lily G, invitation via Once Wed, cheese buffet fromMartha Stewart Weddings }
Anyone else out there have/had their heart set on a colored stone engagement ring? What are the reactions that you get from it?

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