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Friday, October 9, 2009


I apologise for my long overdue Krabi pictures. Getting them from his camera took forever and uploading them here took some time too. Anyway, no more excuses, here are the pictures:-

Sala Talay Resort & Spa - a relatively new resort. Lovely view of the ocean.

The best part is the pool access room!

This restorant has the best Cabonara! I had it at least 3 times if not more!!!

My little moped. Well, for show only. I can't really ride a bike!

In and around Krabi

Made a friend =)

His bike

Night Shots

Yes they have one McDonalds

They also have a Thai version of the "Mamak Stall", only here it's a stall run by Thai people.

In Krabi town we stumbled upon an awesome artifact/vintage shop. It was awesome!

See how thrilled I was to find old books? :D

Oooh dresses!

The greatest find of all was this cutie-pie!

Krabi Night Market

One of the days we went on a cruise to the Islands. Can't upload all the pics, there are just too many, so here is the one and only magnificient Maya Bay.


  1. WOW!! bessst nyer~ Cantikkk pemandangan kat sana kan! brp lame u stay sana?